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Launch of SphereVision Reporter360 System

28 March 2012

Arithmetica’s latest development, the SphereVision Reporter360 Recording System has been launched on the European News market following an initial demonstration to the BBC. Previous systems have been used to record 360 video News content including the CNN online interactive coverage of the Haiti earthquake but at that time the recorded image data had to be stitched together as a secondary process which causes a delay in getting to transmission. However, the new SphereVision system has been designed by Broadcast engineers as a lightweight, rugged & portable rig that is easy to use. It records stitched and blended 360 degree HD video content directly to a removable drive in Apple ProRes file format. This can then be immediately edited on a Mac and uploaded via the nearest internet connection or satellite link directly to the News server for immediate interactive online presentation via a 360 media player on a webpage. The system can continously record for eight hours or more depending on the drives used and can also record two channels of audio.

spherevision briefcase kit