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SphereVision Launch VideoMap 360 software

2 November 2012

SphereVision VideoMap 360 software allows the linking of building plans to media shots of the area covered by the map, thus creating an interactive mapping application.

The VideoMap 360 software consists of two parts, an Editor for preparing the interactive maps and a Viewer that allows users to investigate the maps. The VideoMap Editor allows a wide variety of media to be linked to the map, including 360 video, hemispherical video, regular linear video, fish-eye stills and ordinary flat stills. SphereVision’s 360 video content allows the user to look all the way around at any point along the recorded route. This allows a wide variety of applications to be produced – for instance, virtual tours, training for responder services, military terrain familiarization or route planning for the disabled. Supported Media Types include 360 Stills – a single 360 image. 360 Videos – full motion video in 360 degrees. Hemispherical Stills – a single 180 degree image. Hemispherical Video – full motion video in 180 degrees. The video media types can also be associated with very high resolution image sequences. Video can be played back at a lower resolution and when paused, a high resolution image of the current frame is seamlessly loaded.

The format used in each project is usually dependent on the targeted viewer.Supported Media Formats include video formats such as Windows Media Video,Audio Video Interleave, MP4 MPEG-4 & QuickTime Video.
Supported image formats include, BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF.