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SphereVision Reporter360 takes the Front Page

1 December 2012

New compact recorder designed for the front line

Capturing footage in tricky locations will be made easier thanks to Reporter360, which is the latest addition to the SphereVision recording device range.

Reporter360 is a compact, lightweight and easy to carry.  Despite its size the Reporter360 still offers the same high quality 360° video that SphereVision is known for.

This easily portable package is ideal for on-location journalists or military personnel. It is discreet and can film live in all directions, ensuring that you catch the complete story in 360°.

It includes a convertible pole mount/stand for portable use or for rigging the camera in a static position. The system records directly to 1920×1080 HD ProRes on a removable disc drive. The ProRes rushes are immediately available for local editing in Final Cut Pro or uploading to a server. The 360 video News report is then quickly available for interactive presentation on a webpage using a Spherevision Media Player or via an app on a smartphone or tablet. Using the app, users can move the device, swipe the screen or left click to look around in any direction.

Reporter360 records 360 panoramic video directly to Apple ProRes HQ, 422 or LT.  As the 360 video content is rendered (blended) live, playback is recommended at normal speed only (If slow-motion or similar effects are used, artefacts will be noticeable.)