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SphereVision opens up the way ahead with VideoMap360!

14 March 2013

SphereVision launches it’s VideoMap 360 Architect software to give indoor mapping a new dimension. The VideoMap 360 web viewer provides an amazing 360 degree video tour through buildings & remotes locations.

SphereVision’s latest software, the VideoMap 360 Architect Suite, provides and easy way to integrate 360 media, 360 video & high resolution 360 stills with maps, plans, site layouts, aerial images and satellite views. Using the Architect Editor a comprehensive interactive Viewer can be built for any platform. The User can look around whilst touring through the building or location , looking around in any direction, pausing to open up and explore a high resolutions still or clicking on a hotspot to open up other rich media and information. Using a VideoMap 360 Viewer give users a rich awareness of any environment. Particularly useful when the situation is critical to planners and first responders who need vital intelligence of a site that may be many miles away.

See VideoMap 360 demo

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