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Virtual Reality taking you to places you never dreamt of seeing

3 April 2015

Why have a front row seat when you can be part of the action. The Financial Times discusses the leaps and bounds Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have taken.

Virtual Reality headsets are garnering A LOT more interest as of late and it’s easy to see why; users can be immersed into a production where events occur all around you in 360° and put a user at the heart of the action. Users can explore uninhabitable terrains on both earth and in space, they can sit under a helicopter flying over deserts and frozen tundras, or they can be part of a rugby team taking part in a team talk before going over some training exercises.

With VR options available (or soon to be) from Oculus, Samsung, Sony and more, the market is growing and will allow for some amazing experiences from both Commercial (Health and Safety, Interactive Learning, Security and Defense) and Entertainment perspectives.

You can read the full article here