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SphereVision reveals the intricacy of Schiphol Airport’s baggage system

13 August 2015

SphereVision, along with Twain, have created an interactive and enlightening journey for Schiphol airport, showing just how clever and intricate the baggage system is behind the scenes at Schiphol.

Filmed using Transmission (TX) production services, a 360° camera was attached to the top of a suitcase allowing SphereVision to film how baggage is collected, sorted and stored in between the time it takes you to drop your bag off, wander around the terminal looking for duty-free to buy, to getting on the plane ready for your trip.

It is a common myth that bags are still sorted and loaded by hand, this idea has been dispelled through watching the video, where viewers see there are over five robots that accompany the endless conveyor belts helping to handle, sort and distribute the endless melee of luggage that passes through Schiphol, making it the 5th busiest airport in Europe.

See the fully immersive 360 video on Schiphol airport’s website; http://www.schiphol.nl/Reizigers/OpSchiphol/Bagage/BagageVideo.htm

Read the full article from the DailyMail; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3193312/This-REALLY-happens-luggage-check-in.html