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Jude Law, 80 GoPros and 360° video for Lexus RX SUV

10 March 2016

The largest 360° live event ever recorded – looks simple, really wasn’t…

A virtual reality video that lets you experience “The Life RX“, a one-night-only immersive theatre event the company put on in London last month, puts you behind the wheel.

Shot using a whopping 80 GoPro action cams, 25 hidden mics and three bespoke RX car rigs, the event put 100 members of the public in the shoes of a hollywood star for an hour – before Jude Law turned up at the end to demand the keys back.

That works out at over 160 hours of video, and a colossal 4TB of clips to edit down into one six minute film.

With locations spread across London, it effectively makes this the largest live event filmed in 360-degree video ever.



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