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Hamlet in 360 degrees

10 April 2017

Hamlet production with 360 degree camera rig

He’s behind you! No, it’s not the Christmas pantomime come early.

SphereVision and Transmission TX have been working together on a VR City Production to capture William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in 360-degrees for a fresh take on theatre.

Using a complex 360 camera system (combination of both Odyssey and an Omni camera systems), along with a Laser Scanner, the captured footage has been augmented and enhanced by the use of overlaying the 3D model, converted from a point cloud (using Pointfuse’s quick and easy software).

Once in post, this allows the use of depth maps to aid the editors to add some pretty cool effects to what is already an interesting take on a standard theatre production.


Check back soon for a link to the finished piece – It’s going to look great!