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Manufacturing & Construction

Checking Progress and Site Reporting with 360 Video

Planning Engineers & Project Managers can now use 360 video to record, monitor and report on construction progress. Presentations to clients and Management can really bring the project to life. Every aspect of the site can be explored, remotely from the web, in meetings from a laptop and on location from  tablet or smartphone. Give clients a remote awareness of their development like never before.

Making 360 video recordings at the beginning of a project can provide a complete awareness and archive of the initial site. Weekly recordings can assist progress reviews with clients and sub-contractors making it easier to discuss and address changes. Clients can tour around and study the site in detail and engineers can literally carry the progress with them wherever they go.

Planning and Asset Awareness

A comprehensive 360 video map of any facility can be used in many ways, from remote planning to asset awareness and facility management. Planning and Executive Management teams can save valuable time by remotely viewing the location and gaining important awareness in advance of site meetings. Facility and training managers can use the same tool for Induction and Health & Safety training and site awareness.

Recommended System & Software

Spherevision Portable360 and Player360

Our SphereVision portable systems are easy to use and transportable which makes them simple to move from site to site. A 360 Video Player can be installed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Interactive 360 plan views produced using our SphereVision Project software are an amazing, interactive way to gain remote awareness of the site. The Project Viewers can be populated with hot spots and links to additional information including text, photos, linear video & other support information.

See SphereVision Project

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