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Motor Industry

360 video applications in vehicle production & sales

360 video has many applications in today’s highly competitive motor industry. It’s uses extend from interactive sales training to product and brand promotion and  from production planning to manufacturing site and asset awareness.

Product & Brand Promotion

360 video is an innovative and engaging way to present new vehicles from the showroom or the trade stand. Present your clients with a SphereVision 360 video tour in the car of their choice, let them explore and look around whilst enjoying a unique interactive experience and a personal commentary. Invite them to download the App for their mobile device, explore the vehicle from the comfort of their own home. Use ‘hotpots’ to bring special features to the forefront and links to your website to see how they can customize their vehicle.

Sales Training

360 video is an easy and effective way to create fully interactive sales training videos. Our dual camera system allows trainers to record sales technique around and within the vehicle. The subsequent dual display video presentation is immediately available for analysis and debrief.

Production Planning

360 video can also be used to plan new projects and gain an awareness of assets and production plants and site layouts. Integrated with floor plans, 360 video allows planning engineers to survey and explore sites remotely via the internet. They can look around as they tour the plant or pause to explore the high resolution 360 images produced by the SphereVision system.

Recommended Services, Systems & Software

Use SphereVision’s full production services to create 360 promotional videos for presentation on your website or as an App on a mobile device.

Use our portable systems for recording every aspect of your manufacturing plant for integration with site plans, for remote inspection, analysis and planning.

Use our Dual360 Training package for creating and presenting vehicle sales training videos.