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Capture and present the whole picture

360 video gives any audience a new, exciting and engaging interactive experience. It’s an effective way to grab the user’s attention and to promote product, services or brand particularly when viewers repeat playback, each time looking in a different direction.. From the classroom to the sports stadium, from live-streamed reality shows to wildlife documentaries, 360 video is a breakthrough in the way events and ideas are captured, recorded and displayed.

Be different and be noticed

360 Video is a distinctive way to advertise online. “Sphere Movies” can be progressively downloaded or streamed to a SphereVision Player on a website where viewers can interact with the content and look around in any direction.

News from all angles

SphereVision’s 360 video Reporter360 kit provides complete video coverage. The easy-to-use and compact camera system allows you to record events in every direction all at the same time, ensuring that you do not miss any of the action.  The systems discreet size and design helps you blend in with the crowd. Be at the cutting-edge of videography and change the way your viewers see the world.