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Property & Facility Management

Engage and Explore

Revolutionise the way you promote your properties by using interactive 360 video on your website. Let clients tour and explore from their computer, tablet or smartphone using 360 video to view the property from all possible angles. Our software provides ‘hotspots’ that can be used use to gain more information on important features. Provide your clients with a fully interactive 360 video tour of those exclusive properties along with a full commentary.

Retail property

Use 360 video to showcase an entire retail development. Using our SphereVision Project software, present the property, the square footage and storage space available in an immersive and engaging way. By using 360 video, clients can view a property more than once; encouraging a sale. Make this possible and easy with our range of 360 video solutions.

Facility Awareness

Facility managers can use our Project 360 Viewers to monitor assets, plan changes and advise first reponders in an emergency. Once recorded, 360 video can be a useful resource in insurance claims, renovations and repairs.

Recommended Systems & Software

Production Services, Software Services and SphereVision Portable360

The SphereVision portable system is easy to use and to move to different properties. After the recording process, the 360 video can be integrate it with floor plans and layouts using our SphereVision Project video mapping software to create a fully interactive 360 media map of your venue.

See SphereVision Project

See SphereVision Project Video Gallery


06 April 2018