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Security, Military & First Responders

Be prepared with 360 video

Use 360 video to record an environment. Prepare your personnel for the surroundings and the obstacles they may face, give them the situational awareness they need to provide the best response.

Military & Security Training

Using a 360 video integrated plan or map viewer, first responders can build up an awareness of an environment and its hazards long before they enter it. Training scenarios can be developed and exercises recorded using portable SphereVision systems. Soldier’s can become immersed in an urban combat zone and run through a series of exercises or tactical rehearsals. After making decisions, they and their instructors can analyse their actions.

Military Planners & Fighters

Combat situations require fast, accurate and comprehensive intelligence and analysis. Vehicle mounted 360 recording systems can capture the real world environment quickly, recording multiple video streams. The visual information can be recorded along with metadata and can then be integrated with Geo referenced maps and integrated with GIS applications and other databases, to give planners a better understanding of any environment.

Post Situational & Incident Recording

A comprehensive, accurate recording of an event can be made available for commanders, planners, assessors and crash scene investigators. Post event scene analysis can then be performed from several different angles, frame by frame. This technology virtually eliminates missing any ‘outside of the frame’ information associated with standard or fixed cameras. 360 video gives you a complete record for future analysis at inquests, inquiries and courtroom presentation. It can be used with other technologies such as point cloud visualisation to give a complete awareness of an environment after a serious incident.

“…using this significantly improves our response capabilities”


Brian Rousseau New York Fire Chief – talks about SphereVision Project


First Responders & Security Planners

By merging aerial photographs, satellite images and GPS data with 360 video, security planners can virtually walk, drive or fly through potential emergency situations and plan accordingly. Emergency teams can gain the crucial information they need and information can be stored, assessed and distributed to emergency services, police and other agencies.

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06 April 2018