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Sport & Leisure

Let them to explore your venue with SphereVision Project

Demonstrate to clients that your facilities are perfect for their needs. Let them explore using a 360 video tour of your location. Provide players and drivers with advance awareness by touring the course beforehand via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

For leisure venues ‘hotspots’ allow viewers to view highlighted features, such as a clubhouse, conference rooms or restaurant and to access more information or go directly to an area they wish to see.

Let’s play golf

Present your golf course to future players, event planners and golf enthusiasts the world over. Not only can SphereVision create stunning 360 videos of your entire golf course, but with the VideoMap 360 software each hole can be mapped out in full detail. Players can study the challenges they will face, well before game day.

Not only can event planners use the 360 video to explore your venue remotely, but with the detailed maps and embedded video they can manage event operations with a complete awareness of the venue and course layout.

SphereVision Project Golf example

Recommended Kit & Software

Full Production ServicesSoftware Services & SphereVision Project

SphereVision can create a fully featured 360 degree video map of your facility. After the recording process we use our SphereVision Project Software to create a fully interactive map of your venue that’s immediately available for use online or uploading to the App store

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