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360 Degree Learning

360 video, when used as an interactive tool for training and awareness can be amazingly effective. Recorded events can be evaluated, analysed and reviewed from every angle. When combined with maps and plans, hotspots and links to more information and other rich media, 360 video can provide users with a rich learning environment and a sense of being there.

Education & Safety 

360 video applications allow students to explore remote environments, looking in any direction as the tour through any location, from rainforests and caves to a nuclear reactor. New employees and visitors can explore complex sites and buildings and tour secure environments where access is restricted and difficult to arrange.

Military & Security  

Using integrated Spherevision project views, first responders can build up a full 360 degree understanding of any environment and an advance awareness of the potential hazards they face. Security training exercises can be recorded using portable SphereVision systems and fully analysed from every direction by instructor and trainee alike. Soldiers can become immersed in an urban combat zone and run through a series of exercises or tactical rehearsals; they can explore pre-recorded routes and build up an awareness of hazardous areas long before they enter them.


360 video applications allow Users to view and analyse game progress from every angle.  Played again and again, the novice player can follow every turn and study the action and game tactics detail. When real world, 360 degree video recordings are used with head mounted displays that track the direction of view, game and ride simulation provides users with a new and exciting experience.

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