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Jude Law, 80 GoPros and 360° video for Lexus RX SUV

10 March 2016

The largest 360° live event ever recorded – looks simple, really wasn’t… A virtual reality video that lets you experience…

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Virtual Reality App Helps Keep Industrial Workers Safe

27 January 2016

Arithmetica Virtual Reality App Helps Keep Industrial Workers Safe at Cape Shepperton Studios, London, 21 January 2016 – Arithmetica has…

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Live Streaming from the 100 Club for Converse Rubber Tracks

11 December 2015

On Saturday December 5th, Boiler Room (in conjunction with Converse Rubber Tracks) live streamed the Converse Rubber Tracks Takeover from the…

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360° Imagery Captures Exeter Shopping Centre Scheme

7 December 2015

Shepperton Studios, 03 December 2015 – 360 degree images captured using a SphereVision specialist recording system is helping support the…

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VR = From Games Room to Board Room and Beyond…

10 November 2015

Modern day VR is experiencing a revolution, not only in terms of technology being launched to market, but, more importantly, in the applications of this technology…

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