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All terrain 360 video recording system with accessories to go!

SphereVision’s Portable360 video recording comes with a choice of high definition 360 video cameras and a rugged 360 recorder. The kit includes a comprehensive range of accessories to create a flexible, portable system. Options include recording at 30fps at 3500 x 1750 pixels per image recording at up to 16 fps at 5400 x 2700 pixels per image. Flexibility to choose the picture quality you need for your specific application.

  • Flexible and portable
  • Portable recording harness
  • Pole rig or temporary vehicle roof mount
  • Eazistart software

Portable360 Video Recording Kit


  • SphereVision 360 video recording system c/w camera, recording unit & cables
  • Custom back pack & carry harness
  • Eazistart recording remote
  • Camera stand/pole for static or mobile recording
  • Set of rugged transit cases
  • Battery support Kit
  • User Manual
  • Batch rendering software
  • Training


  • Underwater Housing
  • Choice of Camera heads

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06 April 2018