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360 Video Mobile Applications

Its all in the movement

SphereVision have developed apps for both Apple and Android devices. Gyroscopic and touch based navigation provides a completely new way to experience 360 video content.

Visitors to attractions can download the App and tour the attraction in an engaging way using a plan of the site integrated with 360 video and other rich media.  After the visit they can present highlights to friends and family.

Allow players to visit the golf course before they arrive, explore the fairways and study the facilities available, build up an awareness of where the action will take place and where they are going, then afterwards, see where they got that birdie!

Allow managers and planners to gain a comprehensive awareness of remote sites & locations from the comfort of their offices miles away or tour and present inaccessible or dangerous parts of a facility from a secure area nearby.

These applications and many more are now possible using an interactive 360 video apps combined with the SphereVision Project software suite.


Download our free SphereVision App for Apple iPhone and iPad below:

SphereVision App on the Apple App Store



06 April 2018