360 and VR Capture Services

SphereVision can provide a comprehensive range of 360 Video Production Services. From concept to final presentation, we have both the skills and the technology available to provide the facilities, advice and consultancy you need.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles and a lot more besides

We use a comprehensive range of 360 production techniques to record in any environment. We will provide the equipment, the technicians, the transport and the logistics to shoot in any location around the World. We use the latest 360 systems to produce the highest resolution 2:1 equi-rectangular 360 imagery at up to 28K.

Post Processing

After recording, we select the best takes and process the data. The result is a folder of sequentially numbered high resolution image files that can be used as Rushes or converted to an alternative format, whatever you prefer. From this point on the Rushes can be edited in the normal way, adding Sound, Voiceover, Captions & Graphics. Once your programme is complete, your final edit is converted into a file format suitable for the presentation you have in mind. For interactive playback you’ll need a 360 Media software Player or Viewer.

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