Spherevision Project

SphereVision Project is an intuitive software solution to collate your 360º footage with site specific information. The Project suite includes a modular builder combined with easily distributable viewers.

Visualise 360 Degree media on maps, blueprints or plans. Import 360º images from every 360º camera, alongside traditional media. The intuitive user interface guides project creators to seamlessly create interactive routes. The iSTAR measurement module delivers a rapid dimensioning solution directly within spherical imagery.

Additional site specific media can be linked using interactive hotspots. A wide range of media are accepted:

Projects created with Spherevision Project Builder can be distributed for viewing in Spherevision Project Viewer or shared online.

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Spherevision Project Builder£1,200/year
Spherevision Project Viewer VR£300/year
Spherevision Project ViewerFREE

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